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The Essence of "Friendship"

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Francis Gable was a Christian businessman and editor/writer for various magazines in the years before, during, and after the Great Depression.  He inspired, encouraged ... and even moralized.  For decades, he provided the glue by which ethical businessmen and those trying to make contributions to their sphere ... business or otherwise ... hung together.  His inspirational quotes can still be found scattered across the pages of today's business periodicals.  Which shows that there is still hope and a desire amongst many to conduct business honorably as well as successfully.  I especially like what he had to say about "Friendship" and pass it along here.  It says a lot in few words.



I want the men I meet each day,

Wherever I may be,

To know that joy and happiness

Just radiate from me.

I want to put so much into

The handclasp I extend

That every man I meet will say:

"I know he'll be my friend."


I want to greet my fellow men

With such a hearty smile,

That it will banish all their care

And make life seem worthwhile.

I want to understand their need,

And such assistance lend,

That every man I know will feel:

"I'm glad he is my friend."


I ask not honor, not reward,

For anything I do;

I just would open wide my heart

And let the love shine through.

Though I but meet a brother once,

One touch, one smile I'd send,

And cause that man to sing for aye:

"I'm glad he is my friend."


There you have it ... the simple essence of true friendship.  From the pen of Francis J. Gable.  A sentimental tone, yes ... but still something to which we all would do well to aspire.


If they can do it ... so can we.


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I am reminded of a another quote regarding friendship and friends...

"There's nothing better than a friend...unless of course, it's a friend with chocolate!"  Can't quite remember the author, I think it's Linda Grayson.

I would add to that truth, ...there's nothing better than a friend...until you are sharing some wine and a good haddock dinner. 

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