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Hi Everyone ... unltd.com’s “Top Cat” here!

Just letting you know ... the unltd.com sites are ready and waiting for you to "Buy and Blog" to your heart's content.  For our part, we will continue to work to bring you features that you know and love and/or have told us that you want to see made a part of the unltd.com network.

It has been quite a journey:

  1. listening to what you ... Internet users and consumers all ... have said over the years about your collective online experiences,
  2. creating this unlimited online universe that answered those frustrations, needs, and wants, and
  3. finally launching the unltd.com network where you can do all those things you love to do online (family-friendly, please) … all in one place!

Our wish is that you will come to consider this unlimited online universe that is unltd.com ... a universe where there's (or will be) a site for every topic under the sun ... as your first choice when it comes to making online purchases and socializing and interacting with the online world "at large".

So ... Welcome Aboard!  There's only one rule:  Have Fun!
(Actually, in sailing parlance, there's also a 2nd rule:  Don't Fall Overboard.  I don't think (?) that applies here.)

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I am so excited to be surfing this website!  My son and I had a bunch of fun watching the dog videos and surfing the sites.  Shopping was easy and fun to do.  I really liked the fact that it was easy to navigate between pages, and there were websites that I didn't even know about that ended up being perfect places to browse.

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